The Raku Legacy – Raku Kichizaemon

A fantastic interview with the 15th generation Raku Grandmaster, going all the way back to the times of the legendary Sen No Rikyu who solidified the aesthetic of the Tea Ceremony and The Way of Tea. Some of the answers echo what 11th Generation Tea Master, Ohi Toshio (大樋年雄) said in his workshop I attended. Tradition & Innovation. Expectations vs Dreams & Desires. It’s a … Continue reading The Raku Legacy – Raku Kichizaemon

Lauryn from Three Trees Pottery

Three Trees Pottery Sacred Ceramics for Everyday Use I first came across Lauryn Axelrod’s work doing research on the Anagama firing process. A pot caught my eye and I had to follow down the rabbit hole to her Etsy account. It was titled Begging Bowl and had the following description: Altar bowl fashioned after the bowls Buddhist monks carry for receiving offerings. Anagama woodfired stoneware, … Continue reading Lauryn from Three Trees Pottery